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The perfect gift to say; thank you for a business referral, thank you for a job well done, welcome to our team. They'll remember how good you made them feel when they receive this appreciation gift hamper. Includes baked pear scented soy candle, white serving platter, chocolates, cookies, crackers, pudding, beautifully wrapped in tissue inside a gorgeous gift box.

Appreciation Gift Hamper

  • This beautiful gift hamper includes:

    • Baked Pear scented soy candle. Such a delicious smelling candle! Made in NZ.
    • White ceramic platter. Always practical in any home.
    • Indulgent caramel sponge pudding smothered in a light salted caramel sauce. Single serve. Made in NZ.
    • Delicious handmade Sticky Date Cookies with walnut & chia. Silver at NZ Food Producer Awards 2018. Made with NZ butter, free range eggs, gluten free flour, and no artificial colours or flavours. Made in NZ.
    • Dark Chocolate covered caramels. 60% cocoa. So decadent! Made in NZ.
    • Very delicious parmesan, nut and seed crackers. Made in NZ. High protein, low carbs and so yummy! Made from rice flour so these are gluten free (please note: have been produced on same machinery as products containing gluten).
    • All butter shortbread cookies. A classic enjoyed with tea or coffee. Or serve with whipped cream & strawberries. Shortbread made in Australia.
    • Delicious dense chocolate fudge brownie bite. Made in NZ.
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