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Gift hamper with natural moisturising hand and body lotion, warming wheattie bag, flavoured water drops to encourage hydration, neck pillow for long hours having chemo treatment, and puzzle book. Free card included for your personal message (tell us what to write). Beautifully presented and sent on your behalf.

Comfort Hamper for Women with Cancer

  • Gorgeous aqua coloured gift hamper with satin ribbon contains:

    • Naturals Hand and Body lotion. Light berry and beech leaf scented hand and body lotion with hydrating meadowfoam seed oil. Great antioxidant properties. Softens and hydrates skin. Large 400ml pump bottle. Made in NZ. Not tested on animals. Great if you're spending time in hospital with air-conditioning that drys out the skin. Also perfect for the skin when undergoing various treatments that can also leave the skin dry, very sore, and cracked. 
    • Water Flavour. Increase your water intake with these deliscious Lemon Lime Water Drops. Natural flavour enhancer, simply add a few drops to your glass of water or water bottle. Lemon lime flavour sweetened with natural stevia extract. Natural fruit flavour with no sugar. Made in NZ.
    • Wheatie bag. Lavender scented, gorgeous floral wheatie bag. Relax and relieve discomfort. Often people receiving various cancer treatments tend to feel cold - a nice wheatie bag warms and eases pain, relaxes tired muscles. Heat in microwave. Can also be used as a cold pack, simply chill in the freezer. Printed heating and cooling instructions comes with wheatie bag. 100% cotton. Handcrafted in NZ.
    • Soft travel pillow. For comfort when sitting in a treatment chair (chemo) for several hours.
    • Puzzle book. Distraction, help keep mind occupied while having treatment done.

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