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Have you ever watched the movie "Taken" starring Liam Neeson?

Dumb, dumb, dumb ... My morning 6 months ago. In Dubai, hotel wake up call at 5am, need to be downstairs at 5.30am to get to airport. Downstairs on time to find two large tour groups and too many people waiting for hotel shuttle van to airport. Start to panic. Can see I'm going to have a 30 minute wait for a shuttle. Going to be late. Man starts calling out 'taxi to the airport' another man & I rush for taxi. I ask him if it's ok to share. He nods yes. Jump into black SUV. Start driving away. Then internal ALARM BELLS start ringing & I'm majorly panicking. Driver is going way over speed limit, hopefully in direction of airport? There are no 'taxi' signs on his car inside or outside. No taxi meter telling cost. Driver asks me where I'm from, NZ. Asks other man where he is from. Russia. Russian dude is built like a massive body builder. Both men start speaking in Russian, at least I assume Russian. Car speeding, turn down a couple of very narrow streets that I definitely don't remember on the way from airport to hotel the day before. Images from the movie 'Taken' start flashing through my mind! Do I jump out of a speeding car? Am I being too paranoid? The info I read about Dubai said taxis have signs and they are all metered. This one doesn't have a sign nor a meter telling you the cost. If I jump out, then I will definitely miss my flight. If I don't jump out ... TAKEN ... Dumb, dumb, dumb!!! Think I'm going to throw up. Scared out of my mind. In a car with two men I don't know at 5.30am! So dumb! You can't believe the huge, massive sense of relief after 5 mins, when I see the signs for the airport. Thank you God!!!! Stupid rookie traveling mistake jumping into an unmarked black suv. What was I thinking? Too trusting. Due to super speeding driver, made it to airport early 😅 Will hopefully not be so dumb again. Taken, NOT Taken 😊 Have you done something that in hindsight, could've been really stupid or dangerous while travelling overseas?

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