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Gift Hamper 3 Month Subscription to help someone experiencing cancer feel cared for, supported and loved

It’s tough when you know someone recently diagnosed with cancer. You feel so powerless, so helpless and don't know where to turn or how to offer support that is not intrusive, not wildly inappropriate, and is actually helpful and wanted - that is where we come in.

Would you like to support your loved one in a useful, appropriate and appreciated way - well now you can. We’ve created a 3-month gift hamper subscription to help you support them ...

  • Gorgeous gift hamper sent automatically each month for 3 months.

  • Includes a handwritten card with your personal message.

  • A lovely surprise each month when they're going through treatment for cancer.

  • Lets them know you are thinking of them.


Why did I create a 3-month gift hamper subscription?


When my friend had cancer …

  • I was totally out of my depth, naïve about cancer and didn't know how to help her.

  • Living an hour away with my 3 very young kids meant I couldn't be there much on a practical level to help out and I felt useless.

  • If there had been a gift hamper subscription to show my support & care I would've used it.


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About the Gift Hamper 3-month Subscription …


  • 3 gift hampers created specifically for women going through treatment for cancer.

  • 1 gift hamper delivered each month for 3 months.

  • Automatic credit card payment of $95 + delivery, each month for 3 months.

  • We include gifts such as body lotions, lip balms, hand-creams etc that do not contain nasty chemicals. Many of the cancer treatments can leave skin feeling very dry, cracked and sore.

  • Treatment for cancer can often make someone feel very cold, so we include warming wheatie bags or throw blankets in the hampers.

  • Payments stopped after 3 months so you don't need to worry about remembering to cancel it.

  • No penalty for cancelling before the 3 month period is up.

The 3-month Gift Hamper Subscription is perfect for you …


  • To let your friend know you're thinking of them when they’re going through treatment, regardless of whether they choose chemo, radiation, oral drugs, or an alternative approach these gift hampers hit the mark every time.

  • Is especially great for your friend if you can't be there to support them because you live in another town.

  • Imagine the smile on their face when the courier delivers a gorgeous care pack gift hamper from you surprising them each month for 3 months.

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Feel Good Supporting Your Friend …

  • Feel confident knowing that each gift hamper contains practical & gorgeous gifts, suitable for someone going through treatment.

  • Feel better knowing that you've let them know you're thinking of them when you can't be there.

  • Each month the card is hand-written for you, the beautiful gift hamper is created, & it's delivered to their door for you.


Click Here now to order so you can get on with supporting them while they’re going through treatment for cancer

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Frequently Asked Questions …


Can I cancel before the 3 months is up?

Yes. You can cancel at any time before the end of the subscription and you won’t be charged for any gift hampers not yet sent out. Simply email us to request cancellation.


Is the gift hamper the same each month?

No. Each monthly gift hamper contains different gifts to the previous month. All gifts are practical for someone going through treatment for cancer.


What sort of gifts are included in the 3-month subscription?

Here are some of the gifts that we include during the 3-month subscription period;

  • body lotion without nasty chemicals (treatment can cause very dry, cracked and sore skin)

  • lavender wheatie bag that can be heated to help relax (medications at treatment can often make people feel very cold)

  • lip balm (treatment often causes very dry lips)

  • soft throw blanket (great to keep warm while receiving treatment in hospital, or lovely to use at home for day-time naps

  • healthy snacks or drink

  • soft stretch cotton chemo beanie (for keeping head warm, also practical if hair starts to fall out)

  • stainless steel water bottle (it’s important to stay hydrated during treatment)


How will I know if the gift hamper has been delivered each month?

We will email to you a courier tracking link each month when your order has been dispatched.


What happens if they’re not home when the courier arrives?

The courier driver will leave a calling card with an 0800 phone number for them to call when they’re ready to select a more suitable day for the delivery.


How will the credit card payment stop after the 3-month subscription is completed?

Your credit card is automatically billed each month for 3 months for the subscription gift hamper ($95 + courier delivery). The start date and finish date are entered for your subscription when you sign up. Your payment will be automatically stopped after 3 months and you won’t have to worry about trying to remember to cancel your subscription.


Click Here now to order so you can get on with supporting them while they’re going through treatment for cancer

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Check out some of our recent testimonials …


"I am blown away by the exceptional service I received. Akl is in level 3 lockdown and my gift still arrived at its destination (Tauranga) the next day! How awesome. After doing a bit of googling I chose this site/gift because it was really the only one that was thoughtfully curated and affordable. Thank you! PS, Also good to know a donation is made to charities. :) "

Shay Wills, Auckland, (26 August 2020)


"Amazing service, beautiful product, thrilled recipients what more can I say? Would definitely recommend and thank you so much xx".

Abby Bagnall, Russell, Bay of Islands (25 July 2020)


"Wonderful, prompt and excellent customer service. I ordered this while I’m in Toronto and was nicely delivered to a friend of mine in Auckland. Thank you for making this so easy."

Taleen Nalbandian, Toronto Canada (May 2020)


"My friend in hospital received her cancer gift parcel today and absolutely loved it. The nurses loved it so much they took photos of it! Thanks so much :)"

Linda Bellinger, Shannon Horowhenua District (May 2020)


"Fantastic quick service and beautiful unique hampers! They were shipped across the North Island and to the South Island extremely quickly (despite level 3 lockdown), and recipients were very thankful. Many thanks."

Richard, Te Awamutu (May 2020)


Click Here now to order so you can get on with supporting them while they’re going through treatment for cancer

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