Gift Hamper 3 Month Subscription to help someone experiencing cancer feel cared for, supported and loved

It’s tough when you know someone recently diagnosed with cancer. You feel so powerless, so helpless and don't know where to turn or how to offer support that is not intrusive, not wildly inappropriate, and is actually helpful and wanted - that is where we come in.

Would you like to support your loved one in a useful, appropriate and appreciated way - well now you can. We’ve created a 3-month gift hamper subscription to help you support them ...

  • Gorgeous gift hamper sent automatically each month for 3 months.

  • Includes a handwritten card with your personal message.

  • A lovely surprise each month when they're going through treatment for cancer.

  • Lets them know you are thinking of them.


Why did I create a 3-month gift hamper subscription?


When my friend had cancer …

  • I was totally out of my depth, naïve about cancer and didn't know how to help her.

  • Living an hour away with my 3 very young kids meant I couldn't be there much on a practical level to help out and I felt useless.

  • If there had been a gift hamper subscription to show my support & care I would've used it.