Love to Give Gift Hampers talks about Feeling Fab Pamper Days

Love to Give Gift Hampers talks about Feeling Fab Pamper Days

Feeling Fab Trust is an awesome and heartfelt charity started by Elizabeth York after suddenly losing her first husband in an awful car accident.

The Feeling Fab charity organise a monthly 'Pamper Day'. It's free to attend. The days are all about women who have experienced bereavement or loss, having the opportunity to enjoy a day of being pampered. To contact Feeling Fab, visit their website

Photo: Vicki from Love to Give, no make-up selfie, with some of the red gift bags for upcoming Pamper Day. #SuckAtTakingSelfies

Red gift bags for pamper day

Love to Give first got involved with Feeling Fab after meeting Elizabeth York over a year ago. A mutual friend suggested we meet for coffee to see if we could form a collaboration between our two businesses. Elizabeth from Feeling Fab is funny and very passionate about the Pamper Days. She feels so much empathy for the women she meets through the Pamper Days. I definitely felt that Love to Give should become involved somehow. At this stage we help in a small way each month by making up the pamper day gift bags that each woman receives at the end of the event. The gift bags are made up from donated products from the Feeling Fab sponsors.

What Happens at a Feeling Fab Trust Pamper Day

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