Chemo Brain

Difficulty with Memory and Thinking - Known as 'Chemo Brain'

What it is and How to Help

Know someone who is going through cancer treatment? Did you know they can sometimes experience 'Chemo Brain' (also known as Chemo Fog)?

Understanding some of the symptoms of Chemo Brain may help you in supporting your loved one going through cancer treatments.

Chemo Brain can be caused by:

  • the stress of a cancer diagnosis

  • some cancer treatments such as chemotherapy

  • radiation therapy

  • or surgery etc.

Symptoms of Chemo Brain:

According to the Mayo Clinic (USA) symptoms can include:

  • difficulty finding the right word or doing simple math

  • short term memory problems

  • confusion

  • being disorganised

  • fatigue

  • feeling of mental fogginess

  • short attention span

  • trouble remembering a conversation

  • trouble with visual memory

How to help someone suffering from Chemo Brain:

  • take them for a short walk, even if it's only 5 minutes a day