11 Ways you can help your family or friend raise funds for their cancer treatment in NZ

When health forces you to quit work, any saving you have can be drained incredibly fast!

piggy bank

The true cost of cancer in New Zealand is actually quite frightening. Not only does cancer impact on your health but you and your family’s finances too.

As a patient, when your health forces you to stop working, any savings you may be lucky enough to have can be exhausted pretty quickly. You may only be down to one wage in the household but if your partner has to look after you and everyone else in the family, that wage can disappear too.

So how can you raise funds to keep yourself or a loved one alive? We have put together a list of 11 ways you can explore to help pay for on going medical costs and unfunded drugs here in New Zealand…

1. Fundraising Directory NZ

Family and friends often want to get i

nvolved in a time of need and The Fundraising Directory NZ has an A-Z list of great ideas and links for them to choose from.

From crowd funding with Givealittle pages to sausage sizzles there is something available for everyone to get involved with while you concentrate on securing the larger dollar options listed below.

2. WINZ (Work & Income NZ)

WINZ is run by the Ministry of Social Development and is there to help provide support to New Zealanders. Benefits can be given to those who are unable to support themselves and financial assistance is only given from the date that you contact them so make sure they are first contacts on your list.